Customized Herbal Therapy



    Western Herbs


Everyone has different nutrional needs.  My preference is to get as much nutrition as possible straight from our food or from spices that we put on our food.  I am continually taking herbal and nutrition classes when available to stay up to date in this endeavor.  I never want a patient to feel as though I am prescribing them an entire pharmacy of herbs or supplements because the goal is to prescribe the least amount for the greatest effect. 


I will educate you on how to cycle thru different supplements because it is never good for our bodies to stay on anything all the time.  My only exception to that rule is Probiotics, which should be taken everyday.  I will teach you how to read supplement labels to avoid advertising traps (buy 1 get 1 free type deals) because sometimes you get what you pay for.  We really do have to be more cognizant of what we put into our bodies and I believe education is the first step in that direction.  Each session you will likely learn something new about how to take better care of yourself so that one day you won't have to see the doctor (or go as often).   


And finally, I will never advise you to stop any pharmaceutical medication plan initiated by another physician.  It is my job to make sure I am prescribing you items that will not interact with your prescription medication.  Supplements and herbal supplements may cause harmful interactions with prescription medicine so it's important to be truthful of any you may be taking.