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Reverse Aging

Aesthetic Acupuncture is a treatment with results that can be felt and seen. Inserting acupuncture needles simulates the cell turn over which then triggers the production of collagen and elastin while relaxing the connective tissue between the skin and muscles. The needles are inserted in specific facial muscles that are tight to help them relax, as well as activate muscles that have weakened over time causing gravity to not be our friend.

These treatments are customized for each individual depending on desired effect but may include needles, LED light therapy with Celluma, as well as Microcurrent.

We will discuss nutrition, skin care and supplements during these treatments.

I was lucky enough to train with Travall Croom the best in Anti Aging treatment who specializes in getting Victoria Secret runway ready.  If you know me you know I am all about anything I can do to help myself age well without invasive surgical procedures so this is one thing I do on myself.


Photo of Julie Palmer and Travall Croom
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