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"Julie was very informative at the beginning and end of the session.  Being my first experience with Acupuncture, she explained the benefits and even gave me suggestions to maximize the results.  Her holistic approach to health made me feel empowered to make better choices for longevity. Highly recommended!" Judi



"I want to pass on my positive experiences during my recent visits to the Palmer Acupuncture Clinic.  I guess you could classify me as a great big Doubting Thomas regarding the benefits of acupuncture.  I have always experienced headaches but as I have grown older, headaches have become more frequent and longer lasting in duration.  After my initial visit and intake at the Palmer Clinic I began to feel the benefits of my exposure to acupuncture.  Believe me when I say that lying on the table and permitting someone to poke me with small needles was slightly unnerving.  My doubts were quickly eased when I began to feel an overwhelming feeling of change in my mood and temperament.  My headaches have lessened in severity and the lengths of time of those troublesome headaches have become much less troublesome.


I have nothing but praise for the professional concern and care provided by Julie.  As she started acupuncture treatments, Julie continuously queried me regarding my level of comfort.  Her conversational approach was greatly appreciated since my apprehension level was quite obvious.  I can say this was a great experience."   Joe

“A visit to Julie is a step away from pain and an overall sluggish torpor.  Her careful listening and diagnostics makes you feel truly HEARD, and her ability to move pain out of your system is quite remarkable.  I always feel balanced, calm and confident when I leave her office.  We have only just begun our program, but I could not be more excited to see the good we will achieve; already in 2 sessions I am so much more on top of my game and in far better control.  Julie is the most successful pain management remediator I have had the privelege to see."  Juliet

"I have had chronic neck pain for years.  My range of motion was severely limited.  After seeing Doctor Palmer for a short period of time I experienced immediate relief.  I now feel that I can drive safely with the complete ability to turn to the side and check for other vehicles.  Doctor Palmer also helped me with the relief of arthritis pain in my hands."   Andy

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