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How To Get Amazing Sleep

We all know the feeling of not getting enough sleep and feeling over tired. Waking up exhausted and going on with our day. Night time comes and we begin tossing and turning just going through the motions on repeat. Lack of sleep then begins to affect our mental and physical health. Ways to improve our sleep can start by taking a look at our everyday lifestyles choices. Are you maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough exercise during the day? Do you practice techniques for reducing daily stress? There are many things we can improve in our daily routines that will ultimately help to improve getting a good night’s rest.

Listed below are some tips for a good night’s sleep:

Sleep Environment- Your sleep environment should be peaceful, calming, and comforting. Making small changes such as room temperature, noise level, aroma, and the comfort of your bed can make all the difference. Make sure all of your electronics are turned to do not disturb mode and the room is in complete darkness.

Sleep Schedule Routine- Try listening to when your body feels tired and stick to the same sleep schedule each night. This gives your body a routine to follow. It also helps you to sleep the same number of hours each night and therefore wake up more energized.

Eating Habits- Nutrition and eating habits during the day can affect your sleep at night. Making healthy choices and knowing the foods to avoid closer to bedtime will help in getting your rest. Try avoiding anything spicy and limiting caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.

Daytime Exercise-Daytime exercise is a great way to help your body to wind down at night. Exercise can increase the deep stages of sleep and can also help to reduce stress, which is a common cause for sleep problems.

Manage Stress- Daily stresses begin to take over the mind making it hard to drift off to sleep. This is a good time to remember techniques to help calm the mind before bed. Helpful techniques to practice before bed can be meditation and deep breathing.

Rituals to help you relax:

Read a book

Take a bath

Listen to music

Light a candle

Turn off your phone

Dim the lights


Drink tea

Try experimenting and seeing what works for you! Make healthy choices in the day that will help for a better night’s rest. Just like nutrition and exercise, sleep is critical for your health!

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